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Hello. I am Danial Amari. I was born in the south of Iran and a constant flow of willing and unwilling decisions brought me to Shiraz. I have been interested in reading and writing since I was seventeen. In adolescent burnout, I wrote a long story and then stopped writing to come to my senses and study at the University of Industrial Engineering. While studying, I looked for storytelling classes in a city that promised art and culture. After a few escapes to play and screenwriting, I found fiction writing as my medium and began to study it at Heyrat independent school of art and literature.

Two simultaneous currents fought for my future until 2018, I graduated from both fields. Although everyone was calling me an engineer, my inner voice considered writing and to be the ultimate winner, and when I was released from the shackles of study and sitting in silence, I found meaning in the search for words.

Per the year 2016, I wrote the story “Water, Alcohol, and Urea”. In the first storytelling workshop, which looked at the story from a formal and professional point of view. in 2018, I won third place in the school’s internal festival for this story. With the rise of the Coronavirus, two stories about me were published in the collective book The Third Heyrat; And that dream moment of publication became a reality for me. However, as time goes on, the deep meaning of these external achievements fades in my eyes.

But most important for me is my award in the national festival of Heyrat creative short story of the year. And it happened at the height of disbelief. In my personal nightly dialogues, I see this as the beginning of the path I have taken in my dreams.

Storytelling and writing have become an integral part of my ecstasy. And I hope for what lies ahead. To the path of infinity that stops with death. Must be, write, and live.

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